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[Bann Valley] Pickett or Piggot family

I'd just like to send my thanks to everyone who has put the marvellous information onto this site, and which really isn't available elswhere unless funds are unlimited, which mine definately are not.
I followed information on my g g great grandfather Adam Pickett from his death certificate issued in Greenock, Scotland which took me to County Londonderry and his parents, Robert Pickett, weaver, and Mary McFadden, but it was entirely due this site that I have been able to find out about his siblings.
One of those was Joseph Pickett who married Martha Torrens (daughter of Robert Torrens and Elizabeth Clarke) in 1828 at Kilrea First Presbyterian Church.
After they died, their son Adam Pickett, a Sergeant in the R.I.C. erected a memorial there to them, but gave his mother's first name as Matilda which has confused me.
Is Matilda a pet name for Martha perhaps?
I cannot find a second marriage for Joseph Pickett but does anyone know of one?
Thank you, Linda.

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