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[Bann Valley] Jane Baird b1828 Ballymoney and family

Ok here goes with the first post with information: 

What I am after and like help with in this family is JANE BAIRD and her family.

I am happy the HUNTER side of this family.

Where would I go to and has anyone have any knowledge of this family. 

JANE BAIRD: birth 1828 in Ballybrock, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, 
death 28 September 1891 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

I am lead to believe she has two sisters? That’s all I know, can not say if Jane is the oldest or the youngest.

For her father death notice it states:
In the 'Coleraine Chronicle' a Northern Ireland Newspaper on the eight March 1851 twenty fourth February, Frances Baird aged fifty seven years at Ballybrake, Ballymoney. The newspaper does not give the place of burial. It seems Frances Baird does not appear in either the records of the old graveyard in Ballymoney or the new cemetery. 

SAMUEL HUNTER was born 1819 in Aughadoey, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland and died August 19, 1903 in Serpentine, East Loddon Shire, County Bendigo, Victoria, Australia,

He married JANE BAIRD May 04, 1846 in The First Presbyterian Church, Ballymoney, County Antrim, Northern, Ireland, daughter of FRANCIS BAIRD and JANE. 

Children of SAMUEL HUNTER and JANE BAIRD are: 

GEORGE LESLIE L HUNTER, b. 1848, Derry, North Ireland; d. August 03, 1920, Little Hartley, Shire of Blaxland, NSW, Australia.
FRANCES BAIRD HUNTER, b. 1849, County Derry, Ireland; d. February 23, 1878, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.
MARY JANE HUNTER, b. 1851, County Derry, Ireland; d. May 06, 1880, Berkeley Street, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. 

JOHN HUNTER, b. 1853, County Derry, Ireland; d. December 23, 1860, Campbell's Creek, Vic, Australia.
JOSEPH HUNTER, b. 1855, County Derry, Ireland; d. November 25, 1923, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

HENRY BAIRD HUNTER, b. January 05, 1856, At Sea; d. December 08, 1860, Campbell's Creek, Vic, Australia.

ANNIE MATILDA HUNTER, b. March 23, 1858, New Fern Gully, Castlemaine; d. December 08, 1860, Campbell's Creek, Vic, Australia.

RACHEAL MCGERR HUNTER, b. June 04, 1862, Clinkers Hill, Victoria, Australia; d. November 10, 1863, Campbell's Creek, Vic, Australia

ROBERT MCKINNON HUNTER, b. 1863, Campbell's Creek, Vic, Australia; d. October 22, 1863, Campbell's Creek, Vic, Australia.

JACKSON BAIRD HUNTER, b. 1864, The Loddon, Victoria, Australia; d. October 04, 1956, Moon, Victoria, Australia.

SAMUEL HUNTER, b. November 26, 1866, New Chum Gully, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

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