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RE: [Bann Valley] Rev John Brown Of Aghadowey

You've already asked for, and had this query answered on another forum but to save anyone else from searching-1) Rev. John Brown of Aghadowey Presbyterian Church did live at Droghed- sometimes called Droghed House but not Warwick House (Warwicks lived in the house later)2) Rev. John Brown was NOT married and had no children
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I am currently researching my family tree and seeking any information about the Rev Dr John Brown of Droghead or Warwick House Aghadowey.
>My grandmother Mary Brown Shaw’s father was Thomas George Shaw her mother’s maiden name Jane Carson Born 3/12/1873. Her father was James Carson and mothers name Jane Carson nee Kilpatrick born 1839 (Married Rasharkin Presbyterian church 27/4/1864). Her father’s name was Robert Kilpatrick. Mothers name Mary Kilpatrick nee Brown and her father was the Rev Dr John Brown. My mother remembers Jane Kilpatick tell her about visiting The Rev Dr John Brown had 7 sons, one also named John, and a daughter Mary.