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[Bann Valley] Hunter/ Pinkerton

Hello Kris

I have one Hunter marriage in my distant family connections; Robert Pinkerton of Knowehead, Seacon, married Agnes/ Nancy? Anne? Hunter from Seacon; she died 1876. 
presumaby these are yours? i have children listed for them but details are a bit uncertain, and maybe you can confirm them for me; I have been assuming that births to Robert and Nancy, Anne, Agnes are to the one couple

Robert Pinkerton is not a near relation of mine, as far as I can tell at the mment, but is some sort of connection. My grandmother was a Pinkerton; her father was born in Seacon, but in another farm, not Knowehead. 

Have you checked Bill MacAfee's excellent Ballymoney site?

let us keep in touch!

Linde Lunney in Dublin
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