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[Bann Valley] Hunter of Agivey; Hunter/ Pinkerton

Ok, a different family! I'm sorry not to be getting more information on the Hunter/ Pinkerton of Seacon. But actually this family is also somewhat interesting for me for a different reason. My mother grew up in Agivey; her father David Torrens bought Hunter's pub. Because he and his wife Isa Kirkpatrick were so opposed to drink, they let the licence lapse and operated the business just as a grocery. Until I saw your message I hadn't thought at all about their predecessors in Agivey, but I have had a quick look now and found a few bits and pieces of info in the Coleraine Chronicle book.so contact me if you would like this, or would like to see a 1950s photo of the shop.

I am also wondering if it is just a coincidence; my grandmother Isa Torrens had a stepmother Annie Hunter; who was as far as I know from the Macosquin area. Are there connections between the Agivey Hunters and Macosquin?

Does anyone know where Mary Pinkerton was from? I would imagine that she had a brother James Pinkerton; her second son should have had his paternal grandfather's name, if they were keeping to the tadition.

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