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Re: [Bann Valley] Hunter/Pinkerton

Hello again

yes I would like to see the Ironmongers' report. I had never looked before at the Hunters; no reason to, until alerted this week!  And now I'm wondering how long that house was a pub? I looked up Agivey and Hunter in the Irish newspapers website that I can access through my work. Some interesting suggestions. An 18th century O'Gillan was in Agivey, then in 1806 a pub in Agivey owned by McQuillan; same family?  

Now the name Leslie Hunter; is this a name that goes back in the family? because there was a 19th century Leslie Hunter in the Agivey area. On 16 June 1849 at Coleraine Francis O'Dempsey to Sarah eldest dau of Leslie Hunter Mullahinch. (Interestingly the O'Dempseys were/ are Catholic)

Coleraine Chronicle 17 Jun 1854 Joseph Hunter 11th inst aged 32 at Philipstown King's co son of Mr George Hunter Agiveey
19 Oct 1867 Leslie Hunter Mullahinch aged 65 
18 Oct 1845 on 27 ult Mary wife of GH aged 49 
23 May 1846 Peggy Hunter Agivey to Daniel Orr Drumskea in 1st Ballymoney same day Samuel Hunter publican to Jane third dau of Francis Baird Ballybrake
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