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[Bann Valley] Hunter/Pinkerton

I’d originally seen the Ironmongers’ Co. 1863 Notes of Tenants in Guildhall Library, London but PRONI also have a microfilmed copy that I got on loan to university library in Coleraine years ago to double-check some other details.
Under George Hunter, Agivey, the deputation from London reported: “Kept the public house (He died while we were in Ireland).”
I’m not sure how long the pub was there (or indeed if it was the only pub in Agivey) but the Hunters have been there for years.
Yes, Leslie is a Hunter name that goes back quite a few generations (a John Hunter married a Mary Leslie and her surname then was used as first and middle name ever since). Yes, Sally Hunter married a neighbour Francis Dempsey (their son, Col. Dempsey, built “Clanmalier” which was bought for a manse by Moneydig Presbyterian Church).
I’ve been through all the issues of the Coleraine Chronicle (from the start till 1990s) when the collection was held in the Irish Room, Coleraine and extracted all relevent Hunter details. The only puzzling entry on the list is the marriage (1846) of a Peggy Hunter to Daniel Orr since the Samuel Hunter of Agivey (son of the above George) that we know about was born 1819. I suspect that Samuel might be a brother of George’s but we have no proof of this.
The Samuel Hunter married on the same day to Jane Baird of Ballybrakes is a son of George who died in 1863. 		 	   		  
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