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[Bann Valley] McKeown family - Lisgorgan Glebe

Hi - I hope it's OK to intrude on your list.  I live in Boston area and I'm
headed to Ireland with my son (16) next June.   To my knowledge, nobody
family in US has connected with my paternal grandfather's family (McKeown)
in Ireland.  I'm hoping to chaange that.

I don't think I can send attachements on a listserve, so I won't.  But I
have a fair amount of documentation that leads me to beklive that my
paternal great-grandparents were Patrick and Bridget (Crowley) McKeown,
listed in 1901 and 1911 census as Roman Catholic, and residing in
Londonderry, at Lisgorgan Glebe (later part of Killymuck Glebe?) with
several children and grandchildren.  My grandfather emigrated to US at age
15, in 1887 - so, he's not on either census.  I can find a Lisgorgan Lane,
and wonder if that's not the same area.

Would appreciate any help at all in locating cousins, second cousins, etc.


Chris McKeown

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