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[Bann Valley] Re: McKeown family - Lisgorgan Glebe

The following was posted to the list from the www page:

Name: Bettye Short
From: BHold1@xxxxxxx

Hi, Chris,
I hope you are successful in your quest to find your family.
I have just a little information about McKEOWN's as I have some McKeown's
in my family tree.  I am glad you already have a lot of information
because the McKeown's in my tree are not direct ancestors.  I have looked
at a lot of information about them.  

My direct ancestor is James McCullen Gordon HUTCHINSON born in 1790 in
Antrim, Ireland.  He immigrated to New Jersey in 1811 on the Westpoint and
from there to Biggsville, Illinois. One of his son's marrried a McDOUGAL
Through searching that family I found that the SALTER's are related to the
McKEOWN's and the ACKERMAN's. These folks all lived at one time in both
Illinois and New Jersey.  
James McKEOWN was born in 1853 in Greenhill, Antrim, Ireland.  I think
this may actually be Glenwhirly County

There is a lovely site about the GRAHAM family in Glenwhirly, Ireland as

For unknown reason it didn't get to the list - but I have ben testing
and the www page appears to work as it should,

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