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[Bann Valley] Re: Cuban/Spanish Torrenses

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   hebrides2 <jim.torrance2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi there,

> I have written a lengthy book on the Torrance/ Torrens descendents and
> genealogy from 14th Century..

> The Torrance surname changed in Ireland from ance  to ens and ence ca
> 1830 and so migration from Ireland to England and elsewhere after that
> became Torrens. 

See my page:


In general, the Irish lines are Torrens.
American lines changed to Torrence. Most of these did come via Ireland.
English lines tend to be Torrance, and probably did not come via Ireland,
but direct from Scoitland.

I have records of about 7 Torrenses in Scotland, c. 1500. This from
memory! Nobody has been able to trace how these are connected with the
modern lines.

However there are several early Irish names similar to Torrens which could
have changed.

> There is a chapel in Larnaca, Cyprus, with a foundation
> stone honouring  David Torrens, an American  philanthropist who donated
> the building to the Greek Christian Church.

> Also, and more relevant, I was in Palma, Majorca, last year. There is a
> street there named after Richard Torrens who was an English MP in the
> 19th Century and was a benefactor in Palma. Perhaps this may be a link

Almost all the politicians and miltaru persons come from the Dungiven
line, tree on the www site:

Do you know where your MP fits?

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