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[Bann Valley] McAlonan/McAloney Family Tree

My name is Vanessa McAlonan, I have been researching my husband's family tree for many years. I have come across a McAlonan/McAloney family from the Garvagh area that might be relevant but I am unable to make a link.
I have failed to find a marriage for Archibald McAlonan to Bridgit Kinders abt 1843, also a birth/bap for Archibald abt 1826.I have identified nine children for them, all bap' Garvagh area.
Archibald was a Cooper, he is listed on the Griffiths Valuation for 1859 in the parish of Errigal.In 1886 Archibald and Bridgit sailed from Ireland to USA.
Any suggestions for moving my search forward would be most welcome.

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