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[Bann Valley] Genetic Genealogy

Hello Listers,
I was thinking about the list recently, so am glad to see it reviving.

Have any members been doing DNA tests--Y-DNA or autosomal? I have about a dozen kits with a combination of these two tests through Family Tree DNA. I have done the autosomal test, my male first cousin on my father's side has done the Y-DNA and autosomal, and we've just sent for a Y-DNA test on a 4th cousin in Australia who descends from my g-g-grandmother's family near Bellaghy. We may do autosomal on him and his first cousin in the near future.

I haven't been able to discern any cousins in NI yet through the DNA testing, but I suspect that's because the vast majority of testers in the databases are in the U.S. The 4th cousins mentioned were found in online forums and comparing paper trails. We did find one Y-DNA cousin here in the U.S. whose ancestor was known through family lore to have emigrated from the Bellaghy area in the early 1800s. The paper trail is lacking for this, but when the descendant contacted our DNA project I felt sure the DNA would prove the family lore. Was quite excited to see that it did!

Our family names in NI are Seawright, McCullough, Dixon, Wilson.

~Linda S.

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