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[Bann Valley] 1718 Immigrants who settled in Maine

My immigrant ancestors arrived in Boston from the Bann Valley on 4 Aug 1718 aboard the Robert.  They were James Armstrong, his brothers John, Simeon, and Thomas; his grown sons and their families and his daughter Jean; his 2d wife Mary and their child; and Robert Means, who later married James' daughter Jean.  Also aboard the Robert were William Jameson, William Gyles, William and Andrew Simonton, and Randal McDonald.  They were accompanied by Rev. William Cornwall, but he only stayed one winter and went back to Ireland.  
This group settled in the area of Purpooduck.  
I think Armstrong's first wife was Jean Jameson (she died in Ireland in about 1714), sister of William Jameson, from the Robert.  
However I also found a James Armstrong who married Jane Graham on 2 July 1695 in Clones, Monaghan; and, Jean Armstrong was born 5 Aug 1697 to James Armstrong in Clones, Monaghan.
I would like to confirm the name of first wife of James Armstrong and also where these folks came from in the Bann Valley.  I have lots of clues if someone can help me sort them out.

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