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Re: [Bann Valley] Re: Scottish Torrance data

I wholeheartedly agree, how incredible it would be if more research/transcription of these land deeds could be done!

Where could one begin on their own?

Thank you!
Tim Leith

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> On Aug 26, 2015, at 5:39 PM, "sdtorrens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <sdtorrens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Richard and others. Im so very pleased with your recent post and additional
> Torrens information. Im glad someone has been transcribing the "Scottish records
> and especially the "Records of Sarsines" in Edinburgh.
> Being a member of Coleraine Family History Society we had a guy who worked at
> the PRO in Edinburgh as guest speaker. He told us that there are so many of
> these records stored in these boxes which no one seems to look at, so much so
> you hae to blow the dust off them. I think he now lives in Portrush, Co Antrim.
> He showed us some example of records from the Sarsines for the Dunboe area,
> These records are from many of those who came to Ulster from Scotland during the
> Plantation of Ulster in the early 1600s, when they got their land deeds etc they
> sent them to Edinburgh rather than Dublin.
> Im wondering did Dr D Richard Torrance search for other variations of Torrance
> such as Torrence/Torrans/Torrens etc ??  I wonder if anyone today got to these
> records perhaps searching for the Townlands rather than the surnames could bring
> up something ??  Just like the "Registry of Deeds" in Dublin, when I made the
> mistake of searching for surnames and found more when I searched Townlands such
> as Carnroe where I found the Torrance men around 1716 renting the shooting and
> fishing rights from a Rev Gage.
> Wouldnt it be great if someone in Scotland transcribed many of the tennents
> Townlands in the Bann Valley who sent their deeds back to Edinburgh. It could be
> a goldmine for information. I know it would be nice to know exactly where in
> Scotland our Torrens ancestors came from prior to their move to Ulster.
> Derek.

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