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[Bann Valley] Re: Scottish Torrance data

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> Richard and others. Im so very pleased with your recent post and
> additional Torrens information. Im glad someone has been transcribing
> the "Scottish records and especially the "Records of Sarsines" in
> Edinburgh.

It's a long job. The Edinburgh sasines are about 1/4 of the total, and I'm
only 1/3rd the way though. Also these records are possibly the least
likely to be relevant to the Bann.

> Being a member of Coleraine Family History Society we had a guy who
> worked at the PRO in Edinburgh as guest speaker. He told us that there
> are so many of these records stored in these boxes which no one seems to
> look at, so much so you hae to blow the dust off them. I think he now
> lives in Portrush, Co Antrim. He showed us some example of records from
> the Sarsines for the Dunboe area, These records are from many of those
> who came to Ulster from Scotland during the Plantation of Ulster in the
> early 1600s, when they got their land deeds etc they sent them to
> Edinburgh rather than Dublin.

Interesting. I've seen no evidence of that in the Torrance data. 

Later, in other records, there are more Torrens and Torrence. 

Torrance in general is the East coast down into England. Torrence is
America and generally eastwards. Torrens is mainly Irish.

Of course these were fossilised only when people became educated enough to
spell their own names. Otherwise it would have been down to the clerks
recording - so in earlier records, spelling should be ignored.

> Im wondering did Dr D Richard Torrance search for other variations of
> Torrance such as Torrence/Torrans/Torrens etc ?? 


> I wonder if anyone today got to these records perhaps searching for the
> Townlands rather than the surnames could bring up something ??  Just
> like the "Registry of Deeds" in Dublin, when I made the mistake of
> searching for surnames and found more when I searched Townlands such as
> Carnroe where I found the Torrance men around 1716 renting the shooting
> and fishing rights from a Rev Gage.

It takes a certain dedication to sit in a records office gathering data!
But unless someone does so it won't get on the internet.

There must be people with the results of searches such as I have: putting
those on the www is a different kind of dedication to sitting in the
records office and getting them1

The very early Scottish records are extremely difficult: they need to be
translated by an experienced person! I have a few photocopies somewhere.

> Wouldnt it be great if someone in Scotland transcribed many of the
> tennents Townlands in the Bann Valley who sent their deeds back to
> Edinburgh. It could be a goldmine for information. I know it would be
> nice to know exactly where in Scotland our Torrens ancestors came from
> prior to their move to Ulster.

The main move to Ulster was around 1650. Around this time and earlier the
man concentration of the name was south of Glasgow. It's a short trip
across the Irish sea from that area to Glasgow and in olden days there was
plenty of traffic both ways.

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