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[Bann Valley] Re: Scottish Torrance data

In article <DCEEB4C8-D4D6-40BD-BC0F-6BFB4EFE70F6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Tim & Meredith <timnmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I wholeheartedly agree, how incredible it would be if more
> research/transcription of these land deeds could be done!

> Where could one begin on their own?

A holiday in Scotland and many days in the Public Records Office!

The older the records, the more interesting - but the oldest are
unreadable - unless you have learnt the language!

Problem with all such records is tha only the richest part of society
appears in them. The poorest majority owned no land or property to get

It's also likely that the well-to-do in the record were the least likely
to leave Scotland to seek their fortunes elsewhere. 

But until the records get transcribed, there's no telling what is in them!

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