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I am a newcomer to this list (but am a 'lister'  on several county lists in 
the UK) and hope that perhaps SKS may be able to help  me shed light on my 
Mitchell / Mc Michael ancestors who lived in Kilrea in the  first half of 
the nineteenth century.

A brief resume of what I  know....

James Mitchell married Peggy Mc Donald ca 1830/1 and  raised  a family in 
the town. They seem to have had 8 children (though one  died in infancy), 
including John, my 2x great grandfather, who moved to mainland  England 
(Cheltenham) around 1850/51

James worked as a coachman at the  Manor House and the family lived in 'the 
Stables' (extract of the 1851  census)
I know that James and Peggy were Presbyterians and have seen the  
transcript from the 1st Presbyterian Church in Kilrea  dated Nov 1831 where  they  
had been accepted  and taken their first communion.  

What  I find surprising is that despite being communicant members  of the 
church there, only the two youngest children appear in the baptismal  
register (Jane in Jan 1851 and James in 1853) - none of the older children seem  to 
have been brought to the font in that church.  Can  anyone tell me  where 
the first six might  have been baptised?

I am obviously also  hoping to find indications of when and where James and 
Peggy were born and their  parentage. (I do know that the family names 
Mitchell and Mcdonald appear in the  1831 census so I suspect they both came 
from Kilrea)

Any help/ advice  would be most welcome.


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