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   <SBrainstev@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am obviously also  hoping to find indications of when and where James
> and Peggy were born and their  parentage. (I do know that the family
> names Mitchell and Mcdonald appear in the  1831 census so I suspect
> they both came from Kilrea)

Hullo and welcome.

You have of courase searched the site for Mitchell? There are a lot of

You can do a Google site search either by usoing the search button on the
www siet, or more specifically by: entering

mitchell site:torrens.org.uk/Genealogy/BannValley/

in a Google search. This will search only the /BannValley/ seciotion of
the site fotr Mitchell.

or you could do 

mitchell kilrea site:torrens.org.uk/Genealogy/BannValley/

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