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Re: [Bann Valley] Re: Irish history question

While the basic concept of banishing Irish, Scottish and English
peoples to the Islands and America's is part of the history, this
writer seems to have a desire to horrify the reader and clearly has an
anti-English sentiment. For instance: can you name a ship in 1800 that
carried 1,302 people on board?? Pretty sure we didn't hit those
numbers before the steel industry created far bigger ships. It is
stuff like that, that makes me question the "massive" numbers.
Generally speaking- yes. Massively speaking- No.
    We also know that Cromwell threatened thousands with deportation.
That was drastically reduced when he realized the impact on Ireland
(as a whole). I also would question 1.5 million people living in
Ireland in the 1640s. I have never seen numbers like that for the
whole Country much less Catholic Ireland. Frankly, this reads like an
anti-English (ie Protestant) rant with alot of hype.
  Again, it DID happen. Just not at the numbers the author would like.

Colin Brooks
The 1718 Project

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