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Re: [Bann Valley] Re: Surnames McKay and Gamble from Lislea

    Hi, I'm the gr gr granddaughter of Mary Keenan born in 1841 in Innisrush, Portglenone, NI. Her father's name was James. Do you have any information on your Henry Keenan as far as any siblings? Mary married Henry Boyd and the are both buried in Tamlaght O'Cilly Upper cemetery at the church in Innisrush. I had the opportunity to visit NI last year and visit the area. 
By the way, Henry Boyd had a sister that married a Gamble. That Gamble family had some children that moved to Pennsylvania and spent time with the Boyd family that moved to the same area. 
Karen AikenCortland, OH USA
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------ Original message------From: P J KeenanDate: Sun, Oct 25, 2015 10:23 PMTo: RJ;BannValley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx;Subject:Re: [Bann Valley] Re: Surnames McKay and Gamble from Lislea
Hi,I am a descendent of a Gamble from the Bann Valley and have done quite abit of research, which includes contact with a Gamble descendant in theBann Valley. The names Gamble and McKay appear on my website, which is atwww.thekeenans.id.au. If you let me know the specific information you areafter, I will see what I can locate.Peter KeenanAustralia26 October 2015On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 9:57 AM, RJ  wrote:> I believe I've searched through this site as well as a few others like> magheragenealogy.org, www.angelfire.com/falcon/bannvalley,> www.thekeenans.id.au, lavonnebradfield.tripod.com/Barbara.html.>> I think my difficulty lies in the following:> The marriage does not list an age for Agnes McKay.  Agnes seems to be a> variable name - I've found for several individuals different forenames in> different events (e.g. Agnes, Nancy, Ann, etc.).  There are several James> McKays that could fit for this time period.  Without knowing a birthdate> for Agnes or her mother's name, there's not enough to determine which James> McKay.>> The Gamble witnesses may be meaningful in the research.  For instance, I> know there was a James Gamble who married a Jane McKay.  From the records> I've seen, I think the David Gamble on the marriage record is the David> Gamble who married Nancy Magill.  But I cannot confirm any of this, so> following the Gamble lines hasn't yet broken any walls.>> I have several old studio photos from Coleraine and Ballymena, but most> are not labeled.  One non-studio photo I have is labeled "David & Nancy" on> the back.  It *may* be them, but it may be people completely different.> Since I have Dick, Leith and Campbell connections as well between> Portglenone Ahoghill and Cullybackey the possibilities are many.>> My hope is to find someone who has a connection to, or has researched> along, one or more of these family lines.>> Thank you,> Randall>> --> Trim your reply and do not quote irrelevant parts of previous message.>> You may post to the list or send attachments>    via: http://www.Torrens.org.uk/Contact/FormBV.html> To unsubscribe send a mail to BannValley+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> List rules and FAQs: http://www.torrens.org.uk/Lists/3_rules.html>>--Trim your reply and do not quote irrelevant parts of previous message.You may post to the list or send attachments   via: http://www.Torrens.org.uk/Contact/FormBV.htmlTo unsubscribe send a mail to BannValley+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxx.ukList rules and FAQs: http://www.torrens.org.uk/Lists/3_rules.html