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Re: [Bann Valley] Whiteside Family Garvagh

Greetings from New Zealand
One of Alexander and Mary Porter's sons was given the name of William Whiteside Porter (1872 Gortmaney, Ireland to 1951 Hastings, Hawkes Bay New Zealand. 
I realise it doesn't answer your query but nonetheless somewhat interesting..Kind regardsPriscilla Porter

     On Tuesday, 10 November 2015 7:35 AM, MCKEE JENNIFER <mckees@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Hello my interest is my husband's family from Garvagh.  
His Granda was George Whiteside b 25/8/11 Larne.
He was one of 6 sons born to William Alexander Whiteside 17/12/1877 Garvagh and
Martha Wright 6/10/1877 Larne married 15/3/1904 settled in Larne.
William Alexander Whiteside's parents were William A Whiteside and Maria
It is interesting that middle names of three of the 6 Whiteside sons were
Sharkey/Marshall and Davis.
Wondering if anyone has any info that could connect further back.
New to this family tree thing and finding my way as I go.
Jennifer McKee

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