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I'm researching my Seawright ancestors from Bellaghy, Co Londonderry.
My ancestor Robert Seawright was born in Bellaghy around 1841. From what I can establish the records for Bellaghy were destroyed in 1922 so that I am unable to confirm his actual birth or baptisms date.
He emigrated to New Zealand via Australia and I have written about him and his two siblings who moved to New Zealand here:
Again the records for Robert, Andrew and Catherine Searight/Seawright dont appear to exist.
Robert parents were William and Rose Seawright. Rose maiden name was Smyth.
I have been fortunate to find an Australian Seawright descendant who is willing to prove that we are related genetically. He is a descendant of John and Ellen Seawright. Ellens maiden name was Knipe/Snipe/Snype. I am in active contact with their families.
Potentially William and Rose children were
John stayed in Derry and had 12 children with Ellen Knipe before emigrating in 3 waves to Australia with his family
Robert moved to New Zealand and married Elizabeth Morton and had 2 children before tragically dying.
Andrew moved to New Zealand and married Elizabeth Morton and had 6 children before tragically dying.Catherine moved to New Zealand and married Robert Patterson and had 12 children. On her death certificate it names John Seawright as her father and her mother as Rose Smyth.
Mary moved to Australia in 1868 and died within 5 months of moving there. I have her death certificate.
Charlotte married James Mackerell and had at least 3 children. I cannot find what happened to either of them.
After William died in 1856 Rose remarried to John McIntyre and I have the marriage certificate. They were both widowers. I have been unable to find what happened to them despite their marriage occurring in 1857. 

In the Will of John Seawright (father of William) he leaves a small amount of money to his daughter Ellen Smyth. This would appear to be Williams wife. I cannot work out why she was referred to as Ellen when most references to her say Rose/Roseanna. The Australian Seawrights have Ellen Smith on the death certificate of their progenitor John. Some have recorded Williams wifes names as Rose Ellen Smyth.
Im trying to find any records of the Co Derry Seawrights and their families with a view to sorting out the various lines. Any help would be appreciated. I know many lines have emigrated to the USA and Canada from the early 1700s.

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