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Re: [Bann Valley] New members

are your Wallaces the Wallaces of Culmore? I am distantly related to them
 (and slightly less distantly connected to other Wallaces from Kilraughts
and Dunloy), but I haven't dared start seriously on any of them. Too
The Wallaces of Culmore are interesting, I looked at them more recently,
and I have a bit of material on American descendants.
Henrys? One of my direct ancestors was Molly Henry from "the Cross"; her
children were born in the 1830s. Not sure if this was "the Enagh Cross"; at
Drumreagh; but it would be odd if it was because her husband was from
Drumbest in Kilraughts which is not close.

anyway let's talk more!

Linde Lunney

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