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[Bann Valley] McConnell, Morrell, Semple, Torrens

Hi all

I have just joined your mailing list and shall introduce myself by asking you for your help. I am related to McConnell, Morrell, Semple and Torrens families (amongst others).

Does anyone have information on:
- McConnell in Killymuck Glebe
- Morrell, Semple and Torrens in and around Moneydig?

The McConnells I am descended from were James McConnell 1893-1969 born in Killymuck Glebe and his father William McConnell 1858-1938. His parents may have been William McConnell and Mary M'Aughey, but the baptisms of their children in Kilrea 1st Presb Church stop at 1855 so I have no proof of this. Does anyone know more about the McConnells in this area?

The Morrells were Elizabeth Morrell 1866-1936, Alexander Morrel 1836-1911 and his father John Morrell. Alexander married Mary Semple, who was the daughter of William Semple and Mary Torrens. They all lived in Moneydig. I have hardly any information on these families and am interested to hear of any relatives or stories you may have of them. 

Many thanks


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