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[Bann Valley] Re: McConnell, Morrell, Semple, Torrens

In article <DUB111-W1342248940716B12E5400D9B88B0@xxxxxxx>,
   hannah watkins <wannah_531@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have just joined your mailing list and shall introduce myself by asking you for your help. I am related to McConnell, Morrell, Semple and Torrens families (amongst others).

> Does anyone have information on:
> - McConnell in Killymuck Glebe
> - Morrell, Semple and Torrens in and around Moneydig?

I assume you have used the site search? There is a button on every page
which leads to the search page itself:

I have just updated this page so that you can now search either:
and now just
which will search everything in the section.

Searching for Semple turns up
which was data supplied by a member of this list in 2007 (sorry, I did not
get the name!).

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