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[Bann Valley] Kennedy family with Torrens connection

Hello all,

I am also new on this list.

My second great-grandparents are William Kennedy, b. 1841, d. 7 Sep 1880, and Mary Madden, born Dec 1850, died 9 Sep 1920. Both are immigrants to Philadelphia from Northern Ireland, oral history says County Antrim, I have not seen documentation of the county. They lived in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, and were Protestants (denomination unsure). William is recorded in the 1880 census as working as a carpet weaver. I have a note from a cousin that says he was a linen weaver. This is suggestive to me of a Bann Valley connection. Mary's maiden name is also reported on a death certificate as McFadden, I imagine this is less reliable and probably a corruption. The 1900 census records that she immigrated in 1864. William is supposed to have immigrated earlier, though I have no solid documentation on when he immigrated.

I have autosomal DNA matches to at least two descendants of a Bann Valley immigrant family, on a segment shared with a cousin descended from my William Kennedy. They are recorded as follows:

1. Samuel Kennedy, b. 1779, Ireland
2. Hannah Fitzgerald, b. 1779, Ireland, died 1861
3. Hugh Kennedy, son of Samuel[1] and Hannah[2], b. 24 Apr 1812, Londonderry, d. 24 Oct 1891, Waddington, St. Lawrence County, New York. 4. Jane Torrens, b. 28 Apr 1814, Parish of Desertoghill, Londonderry, d. 15 Mar 1901, Waddington, St. Lawrence County, New York 5. Hugh Torrens (or Torns/Thorus) Kennedy, son of Hugh[3] and Jane[4], b. 29 May 1856, Garvagh, d. 5 Nov 1926, New Rockford, North Dakota

This family is associated with the Moneydig Presbyterian Church.

I have a few other genetic clues on my Kennedys but I won't get into those now. I am very interested in finding any information or connections for William Kennedy, or locating living direct male descendants of Kennedys 1, 3, and 5 above (or their ancestors) in Ireland or elsewhere who would be willing to do Y testing. Hugh Jr. had many children in North Dakota and his descendants spread through the west. I've located one leaf male-line descendant in California but no response as of yet.

I am in the Kennedy DNA Project with kit 563885. Haplogroup is R-M222 (waiting on more detailed results).

On a maternal line, I descend from the O'Hagan family, maybe from Maghera. My fourth great-grandfather Charles Hagin was born 4 Jul 1790, possibly Belfast, died 4 Apr 1829, Lansing, New York. His father Frank O'Hagan was killed in Belfast in the United Irishmen Rebellion of 1798; Charles was pressed into British Army and sent to Canada to fight in the War of 1812. He defected to the American side at Fort Oswego and was wounded in the Battle of Lundy's Lane. His nephew Thomas O'Hagan, became the first Baron O'Hagan and lord chancellor of Ireland. Much of this information I credit to the research of a fourth cousin, Roger Hagin and his wife, who live nearby.


Nathan Kennedy

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