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[Bann Valley] The South Down Torrens line

I have seen a series of joiner emails so will join the club.
My family is Torrens and has lived in the Newcastle/Dundrum area of Co. Down.  I have been able to trace my ancestors to 1750s and beyond that I have had no further success.  
I have reasonable record back to my great grandfather Edward with the start of records in the 1840s.
The family is interesting in that there are, I believe, two potential lines; mine which is Church of Ireland and a second, Roman Catholic.  I am not sure as yet but I think there was a ?mixed? marriage at some stage, probably in the late 1700, early 1800s.
I am quite aware that Ulster Torrens mostly immigrated from Scotland mostly through the Bann valley.
To date I have been unable to determine any linkage of my Torrens relatives to the Bann Valley or, Scotland.
If any one has any thoughts or advice on the matter I would be very grateful.
I live in Australia so visits to NI are not easy.
My thanks.
Roland Torrens

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