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Re: [Bann Valley] Archibald family from Bann Valley

Linde and Sharon,
    I couldn't find Sharon's initial email, but Robert Archibald is a
Ruling Elder in McGregor's Aghadowey church in 1702. It appears by the 1740
Protestant Returns, he is still there. However, a JOHN is in Londonderry,
New Hampshire prior to 1730 and his first son is ROBERT. I do not have the
church minutes at hand, but they may give more info on both men.

Colin Brooks
The 1718 Project

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 11:53 AM, Linde Lunney <family@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Sharon
> Re Archjibalds. In the 1660s in the Hearth Money Rollls there were three
> Archibald households in Aghadowey. David in Lisnamuck townland,
>  Humphrie Archbald in a townland which is probably Ballynacallymore, and
> David Archbald in Colliegor (which I don't recognize, must be a name that
> has dropped out of use). It might be the same David in two tds? There is
> also a John in Limavady town. I have lent my copy of the history of
> Aghadowey to someone but when it comes back I'll check for other records
> Linde

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