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[Bann Valley] Newbie

Hello to the Bann Valley Mailing List,

I came across this while looking for some information about descendants in the Bann Valley, obviously, and hope that I might be lucky enough to gain some more information about them and their lives.

My grandfather Thomas Morrison Williamson moved to Glasgow after living at Hervey Hill where his sister Aggie remained till 1984.

His father, also Thomas Williamson and his wife Martha Morrison, living some time in Killygullib, married in Kilrea 1st Presbyterian Church and are buried at Tamlaght O'Crilly Presbyterian Church.  He was a farmer and I have a letter from him to son Thomas about the plight of the potato crop at Hervey Hill advising him not to come home.

The next generation back has gaps which need filled. John and Mary Williamson, maiden name unknown as yet,  are buried in Tamlaght O'Crilly also. He may have been involved in the building of Swatragh Presbyterian Church. I have Thomas Morrison's death but nothing for his wife Margaret Walker. (Parents of Martha Morrison)

Does anyone know where the archives would be kept to access missing dates? There were many siblings in all generations but keeping to direct descendants at the moment. My mother still living, has cousins in and around Kilrea but are not really of much help, unfortunately. 

Hoping eventually the information will grow arms and legs, piecing together my Irish Heritage (and this is only one side of it).

Sandra M Brown

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