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[Bann Valley] Looking for Info on Jamieson's of North Gower Ontario

Hello BannValley List Members:

Allow me to introduce myself. I believe that I am descended from the Jamieson family of the Garvaugh, Moneydig, Culleyrammer, Kilrea area of Northern Ireland. My name is Ron Eastman. My grandfather (Ernest Roy Eastman, 1874-1957) was born out of wedlock in Kars, North Gower Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada. He was given the surname of his mother, Jane Ermina Eastman (1849-1910). A few years after he was born, she married John G. Jamieson of Wellington Village (as Kars was called then). From DNA testing I've come to the tentative conclusion that John G. Jamieson is in fact my great grandfather - i.e., that my grandfather's father eventually married my grandfather's mother - a great love story!

So, now the Bann Valley. Assuming I'm really a Jamieson, I can trace them back to a John Jamieson (1757-1839) and Matilde Hill (dates unknown) that first came to Ontario from somewhere in the Garvaugh, Moneydig, Culleyrammer, Kilrea area. Does anyone have any information about them? My Y-DNA test (ok ... I've had just about every DNA test possible) suggests I am Scots-Irish with origins somewhere in (southwest?) Scotland.

Thanks. I look forward to any information you might have.

Ron Eastman

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