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Re: [Bann Valley] Looking for Info on Jamieson's of North Gower Ontario

Dear Ron

yes I knew I'd been in touch with a Jamieson descendant. And it was 17
years ago! hope my correspondent is still reachable. I'll sent the
attachments to your own email address. Linde

On 11 November 2017 at 12:52, Linde Lunney <lindelunney@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ron
> I have connections to Jamiesons of the Moneydig/ Garvagh area through two
> or three marriages but I have no likely DNA connection. I do however keep
> an eye on them, they are an interesting family, with a very long history in
> that area. One of my Torrens relatives (,not sure what relation) married  a
> Margaret Jamieson daughter of Jonathan Jameson of Movanagher and their son
> Jonathan Torrens married another Margaret Jameson, presumably his cousin
>  I am in touch with descendants of that marriage but I don't know if they
> have taken DNA tests.
> I am also connected to Jamiesons through Jane Jamieson of Brookfield
> Garvagh who was first wife of my several times great grandfather John Toye
> of the Quarter, Cullyrammer who died in 1876. There were children of the
> first marriage to Jane, several emigrated to Rhode Island. As did at least
> one of the second family. There were Toyes, incidentally, who emigrated to
> Canada.they went to Toye's Hill, Dundas county, Ontario
> Mullin's book on Aghadowey mentions a proto industrialist in the area,
> Robert Jameson of Brookfield who had a bleach green.
> Do you get John Jameson's Jam*son newsletter? I can put you in touch if
> you want.
> I am sure I have been in touch with at least one other Jameson descendant.
> I'll check ancient emails and will reply again
> Linde Lunney
> On 11 Nov 2017 06:15, "J. Ronald Eastman" <REastman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello BannValley List Members:
>> Allow me to introduce myself. I believe that I am descended from the
>> Jamieson family of the Garvaugh, Moneydig, Culleyrammer, Kilrea area of
>> Northern Ireland. My name is Ron Eastman. My grandfather (Ernest Roy
>> Eastman, 1874-1957) was born out of wedlock in Kars, North Gower Township,
>> Carleton County, Ontario, Canada. He was given the surname of his mother,
>> Jane Ermina Eastman (1849-1910). A few years after he was born, she married
>> John G. Jamieson of Wellington Village (as Kars was called then). From DNA
>> testing I've come to the tentative conclusion that John G. Jamieson is in
>> fact my great grandfather - i.e., that my grandfather's father eventually
>> married my grandfather's mother - a great love story!
>> So, now the Bann Valley. Assuming I'm really a Jamieson, I can trace them
>> back to a John Jamieson (1757-1839) and Matilde Hill (dates unknown) that
>> first came to Ontario from somewhere in the Garvaugh, Moneydig,
>> Culleyrammer, Kilrea area. Does anyone have any information about them? My
>> Y-DNA test (ok ... I've had just about every DNA test possible) suggests I
>> am Scots-Irish with origins somewhere in (southwest?) Scotland.
>> Thanks. I look forward to any information you might have.
>> Ron Eastman
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