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[Bann Valley] Fwd: Lavonne Bradfield.

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Hello Everyone, I just received some sad news last night that fellow
researcher and Torrens List member "Lavonne Bradfield" has passed away on
Saturday morning, 24 Feb at her home in San Antonio, Texas, aged of 82.

As Im sure many of you are aware that Lavonne did a lot of research and
transcribing of records which she added on her own website at
http://www.angelfire.com/falcon/bannvalley/ which had links from this site.

As I recollect it was Lavonnes website which I first encounterred when I
began researching my Torrens ancestors, Thanks to Lavonne that I managed
to get back through many generations of my ancestors.
In no time did both of us discover we descended from the same Torrens.
Her Great Grandmother "Jane Torrens" was a sister of my Great Great
Grandfather Samuel Torrens, both children of Andrew Torrens (c1780- 1871)

Jane Torrens married Hugh Kennedy and both emigrated to New York. It was
during Lavonnes last trip here back about 16 years ago that we first met
and we had a  bit of a nights crack at my home with Lavonne and her
husband Charles meeting my late parents. My Dad and Lavonne would have
been second cousins and Lavonne passing on the 10th anniversary of my late
fathers death.
Lavonne has always been asking me to visit her in Texas, only recently
have I been planning this, I was to viit in August to which she reminded
me that Texas is very hot in august, but due to my own upcoming operation
(probably early summer) Ive had to abandon my trip until around Oct/Nov. I
had just emailed Lavonne about this but got no word back other than seeing
her son had put a message up about his Mums passing on facebook recently.
I now regret after all these years not making a bigger effort in visiting
Lavonne. I often wonder about the many we all connect with here in our
research who is still with us and those who have passed without our

Thankfully Lavonnes website is another testimony to her hard work and
dedication which had done and invaluable service for many researchers like

Heartfelt Thoughts and Prayers for her family at this sad time. May she
Rest In Peace.

Best Regards

Derek Torrens.

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