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[Bann Valley] Re: Lavonne Bradfield.

Sad news indeed!

A search of the genealogy sites for - Lavonne - will illustrate just how
much she contributed to the Bann Valley site.

She and I spent much time and many, many emails discussing and
transcribing the 1796-1840 Garvagh Church Visitation Lists which she had
found and copied, so we got as close as is possible by email.

She hadn't done anything with her site recently, so I contacted her
because the links to our site were out-of-date. She had forgotten how to
access her site, and the hosts were less than helpful!

Everyone who has used our sites owes Lavonne a lot. A great lady!

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> Hello Everyone,

> I just received some sad news last night that fellow researcher and Torrens List member "Lavonne Bradfield" has passed away on Saturday morning, 24 Feb at her home in San Antonio, Texas, aged of 82.

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