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[Bann Valley] The Gilmores of Rockhead & Blackrock, Boveedy


My name is Kate Masheder and I?m a great granddaughter of the Rev. William Johnston Gilmore who was born at the Rockhead Farm in Boveedy on 10 Sep 1807, second eldest son of William and Elizabeth Gilmore.  

I was spurred on to join the list after I recently came across a message from Tom Kelly on it, dated Feb 2008!  Back in the mid-eighties when I was a fledgling family historian Tom was very generous with his help.  Both he and Linda Gilmore (with whom I?ve also unfortunately lost touch) provided me with a huge amount of information about the Gilmores in Ireland and around the world, for which I?m very grateful.

My mother was born in Monaghan, the daughter of Elizabeth Annie Gilmore who married William Herbert Warnock, a National Schools Inspector.  Mum corresponded with some of her Gilmore cousins in Ireland and New Zealand and used to talk about the family frequently as my sisters and I were growing up.  When I began researching the family I already knew and recognised the names of many of the people that Mum had spoken about, which was a great help.  The advent of DNA testing has meant more cousins are emerging and it?s fascinating to be able to exchange information with them.

However, after all these years, I still have questions which need answering.  Was William Gilmore of the Rockhead related to his wife Elizabeth Gilmore of Blackrock?  Where do all the other Boveedy Gilmores fit in?  The 1831 census shows a greater number of Gilmore families living in the townland than I would have expected for its size.  Did Samuel Gilmore of Blackrock Farm (Elizabeth Gilmore?s grandfather) really emigrate from Scotland to Shetland and eventually to Ireland?  Was the Miss Michael who I was told he married, one of the Michaels from Boveedy?  The 1831 census shows an Elizabeth Gilmore living alone next door to John Gilmore and his family at Blackrock ? could this have been his mother, possibly the Miss Michael that Samuel married?   And so on?

I?d love to hear from anyone who can help with these questions or who would like to share information and I?d be delighted to make contact with Tom Kelly and Linda Gilmore again.

Thank you.

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