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[Bann Valley] The Gilmores of Rockhead & Blackrock, Boveedy

Looking at the on-site Bovedy records, Gilmour and Gilmore appear often.

Lots of baptisms
also Communicants:

Elizabeth (b.c. 1818) & William Gilmore - probably not the pair in
question as dates don't quite match.

Dorathea (b. c. 1825) wife of Rev J Gilmour

There are later Gilmour/Gilmore

So, Kate, I think you have a lot of work to do! As Lide says, can we help?

Do you have a GEDCOM file of what you have so far. Let me have it and I
can put it on site in the same style as mine;
Which also has a couple of Gilmore connections!

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