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RE: [Bann Valley] The Gilmores of Rockhead & Blackrock, Boveedy

Hello Kate,

The dates you have for William Gilmore (x2), Nancy Johnston etc,  and marriage to Elizabeth Gilmore match the information I have.  Some of the Gilmore family who came to NZ spelt the name Gilmour,  so multiple spellings should not be discounted.

The John Johnston (brother of Nancy) married Mary Johnston.

The townland of Drumsaragh is adjacent to the townland of Bovedy/Boveedy,  both in parish Tamlaght O'Crilly.  The townland of Craigall is to the north of Drumsara and Bovedy,  it is in parish of Desertoghill. 

I will put other Johnston related reply in a separate post.

Peter Moyes

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