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[Bann Valley] The Johnstons of Drumsaragh

Hello Linde,

Yes by all means pass on your address to your relative.

The John Johnston (brother of Nancy) married Mary Johnston.  

The earliest connection of the Johnston family to Drumsaragh (also Drumsara) is a will of John Johnston dated 4 Dec 1779.

There are lots of John Johnstons and James Johnstons so distinguishing them is not easy.  I have seen James Johnston of Craigall in Griffith's valuations or the tithe applotment books.  I had thought he was part of my family,  from memory,  someone showed me a photo of a headstone,  which made it clear it was not the same James Johnston I had previously thought.

I have Torrens-Johnston marriages that I can place on my tree,  but not that one.  I know there is another (or so far unconnected) Johnston family in Drumsaragh that I have not linked to.  William Johnston of that family was a witness at a number of weddings.

Tom Moffat of Canada did a lot of research into the descendants of Richard Johnston,  brother of John & Nancy.

Peter Moyes

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Hello Peter
I was wondering if you were still using that email address, glad you are. I
have been in touch with Timothy Lunney of Maine who is a very distant
relative of my husband's. He mentioned in passing that his mother is a
descendant of a co.londonderry family, the Johnstons of Drumsaragh! I
couldn't believe the coincidence  out of all the families in Ireland and
Canada!! As you maybe remember my great aunt Mary Ann Torrens married James
Johnston of Craigall, and there are at least three other Torrens Johnston
marriages that I know of. May I give him your address? I don't know that
the Johnstons are a priority for him but maybe you could give him a bit of
As for Gilmours, we will need a community effort I doubt

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