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Re: [Bann Valley] Hello

Hello Sheelagh
And Hazel and other kin! Everyone in that area that we might call the
Greater Bann Valley is in some way related! However Sheelagh, although I
descend from the same families as you, I gather that you and I don't share
any measureable DNA. This information comes from your cousin's husband
Alex, to whom I AM related enough to see the DNA link.

My ancestors on the county Derry side  include Gilmours, Browns, Allens.
Thompsons, Anderson (probably), Kirkpatrick/ Kilpatricks, Wilsons, Dunlap,
and of course Toyes and Torrenses.

I note you have Johnstons. Recently we heard that a New England-born Lunney
who is DNA connected to my Fermanagh born husband is more closely connected
through his mother to Johnstons of Drumsaragh. My great aunt was married to
James Johnston of Craigall and of course there are several marriages
between Torrenses and various Johnston people. So it would be interesting
if you can see a link to Lunneys anywhere or indeed to New Brunswick
people. Including Howards.
More details if you write to me privately.

I am not yet too confident on DNA but hope to do more with it when I retire
this autumn and surely when it gets more widely used it will help. But we
are so endogamous it will still be a tangle!

Hazel, re the Torrens ancestry. As far as we can see, the family is Scots.
But they were in Ireland before William of Orange. The first one on record
is Hugh in the 1660s.

Sheelagh, re the Torrens book. It is as well not to place too much reliance
on American material gathered in the late 19th early 20th century. There
was an over enthusiastic approach at best and at worst there was a truly
horrible forger called Gustav Anjou. We know he was involved with at least
one Torrens book and it is now impossible to sort out what material he had
his dirty hands on. Google him! The Lewis Curtis book looks better than the
other one, but we can't be confident now about it either

Keep going!
Linde Lunney

On Tue, 4 Sep 2018, 02:35 Sheelagh, <rsheelagh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Hazel,
> How do I access your Ancestry Tree?   I am so interested to find
> connections - because there must surely be some!
> Kind regards,
> Sheelagh Rowland
> > On Aug 31, 2018, at 10:09 PM, Hazel Paton <hazelmpaton@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi, Sheelagh,
> > I'd love to help you, especially as my family lived in the Ballinameen
> area for many years.  My mother's parents were William Torrens (1881-1958)
> and Louisa Jane Harbi(n)son (1895-1979).
> >
> > A recent DNA test shows that my Torrens ancestors may have come from
> Scotland, but I haven't had time to chase that up yet.  My grandfather used
> to say they were Irish back to William of Orange, but we had no inkling
> until recently that they may have come from Scotland.
> >
> > My Ancestry tree is Grosser-Torrens(2) if you wish to see where my
> inquiries have taken me.  My mother's line goes back from Martha Torrens
> (1921-2017).
> >
> > It's so frustrating trying to unravel some of these links, isn't it?
> > Happy hunting,
> > Hazel Paton
> >
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> > Hello,
> >
> > My name is Sheelagh Rowland and although I have scoured most of the
> material on the Bann Valley Geneology site, and made copious notes of
> possible family connections I’m very much struggling to prove possible
> facts.
> >
> > I’m hoping that by being on this subscribers list I’ll find others who
> may be able to help!
> >
> > My mother, Jeanette, was a McClenaghan who grew up on Blackrock Farm in
> Boveedy.  This farm had been purchased by her grandfather John
> McClena(g)han from his uncle/cousin (I believe)  Robert or William Michael
> 1920ish? Previously, the McClenaghans had been in Ballynameen (bordering
> Kurin), possibly having arrived in Ireland from Scotland in the 1700s.  I
> believe that they attended First Garvagh Church for several generations and
> it is quite possible that I have found the birth certificates of 2x
> grandfather and a brother- John and Robert born 1799 and 1797 respectively-
> but I’m missing the parents' names.
> > Additionally, John McClenaghan  married Margaret Thompson  who was from
> Kurin.  And her father was James Thompson (1822-1911?) who married Jane
> Leech  from Ahoghill, Antrim.  I have her father as Thomas Leech (1784- ?)
> and that’s the end of that trail.
> > Blackrock Farm was inherited by my grandfather William John McClenaghan
> and then passed onto my uncle, another John McClenaghan.
> >
> > William John McClenaghan married Rachel Gilmore Johnston.  The
> Johnston’s Townland was Caulhame, and previously Upper Movenus. Rachel’s
> father was James Johnston (1825 -1903) and her mother was Margaret
> McFetridge (1855-1933).  Margaret’s father was James McFetridge (1814-1907)
> from Cullyramer who married Margaret Knox (1819-1889). Margaret’s father
> was Thomas Knox from Clarehill. ..From there on with the Knox’, I haven’t
> any more info.
> > * I also haven’t been able to find out where the link to ‘Gilmore’ is
> with my grandmother’s middle name.  I have to think that her grandmother
> must have been a Gilmore but can’t find a marriage certificate for John
> McC?!
> >
> > On the other hand, James McFetridge’s father,  Alexander of Mayohill,
> (1789-1882) married Jane Torrance (1799 - 1875).  This Torrens line was
> then easily followed with help not only from this site but also the book:
> The Descendants of Lewis Hart and Anne Elliot compiled by Jared Sidney
> Torrance and published in 1923…and this then got me back to Scotland where
> 8x GG Thomas Torrence emigrated to the Bann Valley around 1660.
> >
> > Not only do I have this significant Torrens history, but ‘Torrens’ are
> peppered through the family tree that I have so far with a Torrens
> McFetridge being a 3x Great Uncle who was married to a Jane Torrens!  My
> grandmother Rachel’s elder sister Margaret Ann/Maggie Johnston (1885-1924)-
> married William Torrens (1876-1958).
> >
> > I could keep going with this, but I’m hoping that there are folks out
> their who can help fill in some gaps? I’ve also got a GEDmatch file,
> although 4 requests thus far to find family connections have been
> impossible to solve!
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Sheelagh
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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