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   Linde Lunney <lindelunney@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sheelagh, re the Torrens book. It is as well not to place too much
> reliance on American material gathered in the late 19th early 20th
> century. There was an over enthusiastic approach at best and at worst
> there was a truly horrible forger called Gustav Anjou. We know he was
> involved with at least one Torrens book and it is now impossible to sort
> out what material he had his dirty hands on. Google him! The Lewis
> Curtis book looks better than the other one, but we can't be confident
> now about it either

The book Linde refers to is The Descendants of Lewis Hart and Anne Elliott"


I think we can be fairly confident of the authenticity of this as the
author, Jared Sidney Torrance, had communication with Ridgely Torrance
concerning Gustave Anjou, as well as with Anjou himself. I get the
distinct impression that JST did not trust Anjou's data - Anjou chased his
$950 bill in Sept 1919. Jared died 1921.

These letters are on

There is also an essay on Anjou:
which quotes these letters.

However it is certain that the book "Torrence and Allied Families" was

It is also worth noting that the further we get from the original
documents the more chance there is of error: many trees are published on
the www and these are often compiled from other trees or transcribed data
so a Chinese Whispers situation exists. I always try and get as close to
original data as possible - which is why on site records generally quote

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