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[Bann Valley] Searight Families

Im a descendant of William Searight and Rose Smyth. Williams father was John Searight and Rose father was John Smyth

They appear to have been from Bellaghy, Co Derry but thats as far back as Ive been able to trace due to a loss of records
What records Ive found Ive put on my blogs. The first is to my family and it needs a bit of updating

The second is to all the info Ive found to date of all the families. As this stage theres no DNA link between the Derry and Down families but hopefully one day.
Im interested in any information that could add more people to my Searight family tree. Who did John marry, who was his father? Who were his siblings? Is James Searight another of William Searights sons? 

The Aussie Seawright have Johns Will but Williams Will was destroyed.
After William Searight died his wife Rose married John McIntyre and we know nothing about her after that.
We have a good DNA match to a Smyth family descendant living in the USA but they are not interested in how we connect. Its fascinating what DNA can show you.

Regards from Australia
Cameron Day