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[Bann Valley] Changing address

I will shortly lose this email address when I retire. Can I please be subscribed on my lindelunney@xxxxxxxxx address?

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From: Paul Tidman <james.paul.tidman@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday 5 October 2018 15:27
To: BannValley@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Bann Valley] Thomas Campbell of Lisnagroat

I am Paul Tidman, and the Rev. Thomas Campbell is my g g grandfather, my
mother was Dorothy Campbell of Hepworth, Ontario, Canada.

Thomas came to Upper Canada in 1819, was ordained an Anglican priest and
settled in the parish of Belleville, Upper Canada. He had been a
probationer of the Presbytery of Route, Ulster after earning a degree at
Glascow. In a letter to the Synod of Ulster, self published in Dublin 1817,
he describes the events that lead to his libel case against Rev. John Smyth
which eventually lost him his chances of advance in the Presbyterian Church.

In this Letter, he gives his father's address as Lisnagroat, 2 miles from
Kilrea. He taught in a school in Kilrea. From Canadian records, his parents
were George and Elizabeth Campbell.

Thomas' troubles began on 10 Oct 1813 when he and Daniel McCoy of Kilrea
made payment on a loan owing to Allen McIlfatrick.

I have recently become familiar with the importance of townlands and the
tenancy of them. My Campbell's left Ireland well before Griffith's
Valuation so I am interested in earlier records.

I was reading Kernohan's History of Kilrea and Tamlicht O'Crilly and noted
in the appendix a reference to 1814 Rentals of Mercers Estate.* Does anyone
know of this document? *Any information on My family in Kilrea (b, m d)
would be cherished. Also whar happened to the McCoy and McIlfatricks?

Paul Tidman,
Quebec, Canada

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