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[Bann Valley] Kilpatrick - of Tamlagh O'Crilly

James Kilpatrick, born abt 1801 in Tamlagh O'Crilly, son of Archibald Kilpatrick, a farmer, and Margaret Henry, and his wife Sarah Donaldson, born abt 1802 in Drumnacanon to Isaac Donaldson, a miller, and Esther Crossin, and 4 of their children (3 dec'd before 1840) migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1840.  

Their Death certificates indicate they were married at the Presbyterian Minister's home in the Parish of Braside (transcribed elsewhere as Bravido) in abt 1822. Another record shows this as Drumnacanon.   

James later brought several other young relatives, from Kelso and Watt families, out to Australia. 

I am happy to share info about these families in Australia and ask if anyone is able to assist with further research in Bann Valley. 

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