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RE: [Bann Valley] Kilpatrick - of Tamlagh O'Crilly Jane Heaney Stevens (Stephens)

Many Thanks for the Reply
                    I have similar information with a few twists that you may be able to assist with sorting out. And, yes, we very much wish to keep in touch on this search and are planning to visit N. Ireland in May of this coming year. 
                  The spelling of the name has changed in Canada to Stevens. Our Jane Heaney Stevens was born in Aghadowey Parish Dec. 22, 1964 and we have her Father as John and her mother as Nancy Archibald, Jane immigrated to New Brunswick in 1882 perhaps with her brother Robert and appears to have become a nursing sister. She married Robert Percy Crookshank...my wife Elizabeth's grandfather ....in 1891. By 1901 they were living in Manitoba.
                  We would be interested in your comments on the above and you mention that there may be some more information on her parents John/Agnes? and her siblings. Also curious about the district of Claggan or Clagan. Is there a preferred spelling and perhaps you might pinpoint the district for us.
                                Best Regards
                                      Henry Muggah 

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Jane Heaney Stephens was the daughter of John Stephens (son of Robert Stephens & [Ann ?] Heaney) & Agnes Archibald (daughter of David Archibald). Both families lived at Claggan. I haven’t traced the family any further back although there were other Stephens in the area but do have more details on Jane’s parents and siblings. My husband’s grandmother was Stephens and we live not far from Claggan. Do get in touch if you’d like to exchange family information.

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         Good Question! I am in Canada , not Australia, and was enquiring about whom I might speak to concerning a search of records relating to Jane Heaney Stevens b. Dec 22nd 1864 in Aghadowey. She is the grandmother of my wife, Elizabeth Crookshank, and we were hoping to learn moe about she and her family before visiting the area in May of this coming year. I would be appreciative of any advice you might be able to offer us.
                                                    Henry Muggah

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