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RE: [Bann Valley] Kilpatrick - of Tamlagh O'Crilly Jane Heaney Stevens b. Aghadowey Parish dec. 22 1864

Hello Ms. Lunney
                  I believe I am a little confused with the addressing of the emails. Is torrens.org a general address that many reply to and upon? I received a response to my original query from cullycapple and yourself. Should I be corresponding individually and omitting the torens.org address? 
                 In any case I am most appreciative of any help you or others may provide in our search for information on the family of Jane H Stevens or Stephens. 
She emigrated to New Brunswick in 1882, appears to have taken up nursing and in 1891 married my wife Betty's grandfather Dr. Robert Percy Crookshank then moved to the new province of Manitoba where he practiced medicine as a G.P. for many years. His youngest son C.W. Percy Crookshank is Betty's father. 
                The matter becomes more interesting and may tie into your area of research because we believe that Betty's sister has married a George Archibald whose family settled in Nova Scotia mid 1750s moving there from New Jersey with the New England Planters who occupied the expelled Acadian French lands. A sad tale that one! A direct descendant of George A. was Adam G. Archibald one of the Canadian Fathers of Confederation. That family was also believed to have been from the Bann Valley scots diaspora. 
                So we have the Stevens from Derry and the Archibalds from Derry meeting again 125 years later. 
                We are planning to come to Ireland in May of 2019 for a week or 10 days and would be most appreciative of any information you might have that would allow us to visit the areas in which they lived and perhaps have tea or a drop with their Irish descendants and our distant cousins.
                                            Best Regards
                                                 Henry Muggah 

From: Linde Lunney [family@xxxxxxxxxx]
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I don't know anything about the earlier history of these families but my
cousin married a Stevens of Claggan. I'm not sure if they would be at all
interested in family history, but would I'm sure would be glad to meet you
if you can establish what the connection is. Send me a PM and I'll give you
their names; I don't have a phone number I'm afraid but can find it for you

Linde Lunney

On Tue, 18 Dec 2018 at 12:00, cullycapple@xxxxxxxxxxx <
cullycapple@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Jane Heaney Stephens was the daughter of John Stephens (son of Robert
> Stephens & [Ann ?] Heaney) & Agnes Archibald (daughter of David Archibald).
> Both families lived at Claggan. I haven’t traced the family any further
> back although there were other Stephens in the area but do have more
> details on Jane’s parents and siblings. My husband’s grandmother was
> Stephens and we live not far from Claggan. Do get in touch if you’d like to
> exchange family information.
> From: Muggah, Henry<mailto:muggah@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: 18 December 2018 01:18
> To: BannValley@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:BannValley@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: RE: [Bann Valley] Kilpatrick - of Tamlagh O'Crilly
>          Good Question! I am in Canada , not Australia, and was enquiring
> about whom I might speak to concerning a search of records relating to Jane
> Heaney Stevens b. Dec 22nd 1864 in Aghadowey. She is the grandmother of my
> wife, Elizabeth Crookshank, and we were hoping to learn moe about she and
> her family before visiting the area in May of this coming year. I would be
> appreciative of any advice you might be able to offer us.
>                                                 Regards
>                                                     Henry Muggah

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