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Re: (no subject)

In article <cb.1136abd.25b90b82@xxxxxxx>,
   <Iatorrans@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry.  I thought I had sent it to the list.  I must have hit the wrong
> one in my address book.  Did this go to the list?  Anne

It did! But I'm replying privately.

I don't know if I can modify my end to make things easier: there is a
strong tendency for mail replies to be posted privately when they are best
discussed on the list.

Either it's the way the headers are set - or the way emailers present the
options - or general reluctance to chat in public.

Pluto - the emailer I use - is said by many who also use other platform,
to be about the nicest emailer avsilable. It throws up the Reply window
attached. It's difficult to do the wrong thing.

I may be able to make things easier for all?

Richard Torrens  - torrens@xxxxxxxxx
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