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Re: 1660 and all that

On 30 Nov, Lunney Family <jglunney@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Richard, I gave up a long time ago on Lavonne's stuff; when it
> didn't crash my computer, I couldn't follow it through the line breaks,
> and it was doing me more harm than good.

I downloaded some of the site the other night. She has been at work. I see
there are more bits that I have't got, including 1818 and 1825
visitations. I'll have a look at them.

But some of it's really bad HTML and the layout is confusing! However -
she's re-laid the Moneydig graveyard, perhaps she's gradually de-confusing

> If I showed Lavonne's essayto my mother or aunt Margaret, they could
> explain it; they would know these people; it's all over my head

> >> Re the Robert in Mayoghil;

> No, here I was trying to find a location for the Robert of Stranorlar; I
> think he must have been Thomas and Margaret's son.

There's no absolute proof he was connected. But it looks likely he was the
unlocated son. We are pretty sure Margaret was Orr's niece, so
is there a connection between Orr and Donegal that explains Robert moving

> What I was trying to
> do was find a source in an earlier Torrens line for the name Robert, so
> I pulled out the possibility that Annie F. came up with--that William of
> carnroe/ Ballinagarvey, who executed Alexander's will, was a brother of
> Alexander's and that the son Robert mentioned in the will was a son of
> William;; annie suggested that since exeutors couldn't be left bequests,
> that leaving money  to the son of the executor would be a way of
> thanking him for his trouble.

I think we're all agreed that 
Hugh Torrance [Mayoughill] 1695 - 1779
Alexander Torrans [Mullahinch] will 31.12.1770
are brothers? Is there any reason for doubt?

If so we have the family
Hugh Torrance [Mayoughill]
Alexander Torrans [Mullahinch]
James Torrance
Margaret Torrance = Mr. Hunter
??? Torrance = John Anderson
Ther's room for others here, but no reason to suspect that - apart from
the rather dubious will to Robert in America. Annie's theory is possible.

> >I saw Hugh ay the weekend. He suggested that there must be somewhere an
> >archive of Kernohan's own records. Any ideas?

> PRONI has some of the material that you have; presumably Kernohan's
> copies for his own use? Although some at least of it is in material
> deposited by Crossle rather than Kernohan

The 1821 census there is a shortened version - deposited by Crossli. We
now he was Kernohan's researcher.

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