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Re: 1660 and all that

Dear Ricahrd, good to get a long letter from you again. Here is a copy of
an attachment sent me by Judy H.

Greetings Linde - Thank you so much for
the Smith (Smyth) Torrens family tree and your  great letter!   I thought
it would be interesting to compare our information regarding Smith and Mary
T.'s children and see where we are:
	SAMUEL -we both have.  Garvagh lst Pres. lists baptism dates at 9
May 1827 and 10 June 1836, both with Smith as father  (perhaps the first
died young?)
	WILLIAM - I have; you do not.   Garvagh lst Pres. lists baptism as
4 June 1834.  My other sources of info:  His niece Mary Catharine (my g.
Aunt Kate) compiled a family tree in the 1930's listing all of the
children I have noted.  He and Thomas (my g. grandfather came to America,
as did Martha and Margaret, according to her)   He married Sarah Bennett
(Dutch) and they settled in Iowa according to birth records of his
children, an undated letter from his grandson, and family reunions that
included his children.  More info. needed.
	THOMAS - I have;  you also have, but I think they are two different
people.  My g. grandfather came to USA in late 1840's;  I have original
marriage certificate from Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, Penn. for Feb. 10,
1856 to Mary Barr of Coleraine area.  Also death certificate lists his
parents as Smith and Mary and his place of birth as Garvagh).  Could the
Thomas who married Elizabeth Semple in 1864 possibly be the son of John
listed in1821 census  as No. 30 townland of Coolleyramer (age 14).  Would
make him a little old though, wouldn't it?
	MARTHA  - I have;  you do not.  Aunt Kate listed her a marrying a
Hogg and coming to America.
	MARGARET -I have;  Aunt Kate notes she married Samuel McCaughey and
came to America.  They had Samuel and Isabelle.  You also have her, but
married to John T. Michael.  Your info seems more credible to me.  Perhaps
Mary married McCaughey and Aunt Kate was confused??
	MARY - I have;  you do not.  Mary Jane, daughter of Smith was
baptized at Garvagh 1st Pres. on 5 April, 1823.
	NANCY - We both have her marrying a Mitchell.  Aunt Kate lists 4
children:  William, who came to America, Martha Gilmore lived in
Philadelphia, Mary and two others, unnamed.
	CATHERINE - We both have.  I have her married to Samuel Hazlett on
Sept. 23, 1869 rather then 1867.  Source:  David Hazlett's Family Bible on
our May 1999 visit to Landmore.
	ANDREW - We both have.
	JAMES - We both have.  Were Nancy Woods and Jane Woods sisters, do
you think?

Some extraneous thoughts/questions:  I have Smith Torrens marrying Mary
Kennedy, but am not sure about that.  Loved your letter about peat Jimmy
and wee Lizzie!!!  Which James was peat Jimmy? (Smith's &James S. or
your g.g.g. grandfather James Wilson or ??)  I do think Smith is the son of
Samuel - mainly because of the 1821 census plus the dates and locations are
in line.  I could be on the wrong track - what do you think??  I find the
longer I work with a lineage, the more convinced I am of its accuracy - I
have to guard against that!
	Again, thanks for all of your help!  Please do not feel pressured
to make a rapid response;  I am learning how very time consuming (even
though I enjoy it) this genealogy business is.     BEST WISHES!!

I pulled my hair out overthis all, because I had--on the basis of best fit
and reasonable assumptions--come up with quite a different family-or rather
two families. I put herin touch with Dan Wilson who is researching co. Derry
families in Mauch Chunk, and has two Torrenses marrying some of his folk
there; I haven't heard from either of them since- they must be knee deep in
Western Pennsylvanian/derry links. Mauch Chunk must have been solid Derry
in the 19th C.  I finally swallowed a slight amount of  pride and admitted
that her aunt Kate probably knew more about her own family than I did; so I
accepted her version, and amended my data accordingly.    Re the Robert in
Mayoghil; there is also a Robert in another earlier line; perhaps in
carnroe, if Annie'e theory is right, that William the executor of
Alexander's will is of Carnroe and that it is is his son who is bequeathed
the £2 in Mulahinch's will. Your father always harked back to a Robert in
Hairmyers or Quhythills or wherever in Scotland..... What do you think of
the possibility that John the labourer in Mayoghil is from another line,
who married or moved into Mayoghil; from Myletra or wherever; maybe working
on the bleachgreens. I don't see that there is room for him in the mayoghil
lineage as we have it in the letter. Of course he may have married Thomas'
daughter Mary? Except if so she would have been 35 in 1796 in the Garvagh
census, which was very old to be still at home. I wonder if the ages are
wrong in the census at this point? 46 was very late to be producing babies;
I wonder if both of them should have been read as 30 rather than 50--as you
say, errors in transcription can be more easily suspected than proven.
Enough for tonight. All the best Linde I'll look up your site re the
John/Jean nexus. We should be disciplined and keep to one point per letter
until we hammer it flat