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1730 Ulster names

I've just uploaded a new page and data. I have, transcribed to the
computer, the 1630 Muster Rolls for Mercers, Ironmongers and Donegal. I
thought it would be interesting to analyse the name frequencies.

<A HREF="http://www.4qd.co.uk/torrens/1630/muster.html";></A>

Astonishingly 30% of thise listed are called John! So - if you've traced
back to a John in this time/place, abandon hope. They're all called John!

I don't know how patterns changed after 1640: if anyone else has similar
lists, it might be nice to analyse them.

Hugh T. born 1801 had sons Adam, George, James and Hugh. Adams are not too
common: we know on an Adam only from the Lough Foyle/Tamlaghtfinlagen
line. George: quite common, but does not occur in Bann Valley.

Sgt Hugh believers: look at the number of Alberts! It was unknown in these
lists. As such, an interesing name which only occurs once in the early
Torrenses, and we think he's from Clogher.

Anyway, if you're interested, have a look and argue any points.

Richard Torrens  - torrens@xxxxxxxxx
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