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Re: 1740 Protestant Householders in TO'C

On 17 Jul, barbara <barb_braswell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Richard,

> I decided to type up this list and send it to you.  Maybe you can put it
> in your files.   I have had quite alot of inquiries about names on it.  I
> think they must be grouped by town but don't know. They are listed as in
> Kernohan's book, altho he goes across the page. 

Yes - I have the book. Very kind of you to transcribe it, I've put in
ready for uploading at next site updae, plus the 'records.html' page has
been updated to point to it.

> Will get the Kilrea one

It's quite a job transcribing these tight-packed lists!

> done shortly.

> Cheers!

> Barb

> By the way the Flax/Spinning Wheel list is available on film from the
> Family History Library.  I haven't looked at it yet but the number is
> 1419442.  I also have a number for the 1740 list of 0258516. (Also
> contains Muster Rolls 1805-1825)

This has also been added to the records page. I'll announce to the list
after I upload.

BTW: in Word format, the file's 30K long, but only contains 5K of useful
text, so if you can persuade Word to save as text, it saves email time.

Richard Torrens  - torrens@xxxxxxxxx

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