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Re: 1796

>      I Myoghil
>     II Culleyramer
>    III Caheny
>     IV Drummain
>      V Colleyman
>     VI Moneydigg
>   VIII Movenis Upper
>     IX Movenis Lower
>      X Bellury        Feb 11 1796
>     XI Edinbann
>    XII Tranallinaugh  Feb 2 1796    LINDE  Trinaltinagh
>   XIII Dollaghy
>    IVX Muletragh			Linde Moyletra
>     VX Lisaghrann			Linde Lisachrin Desertoghil
>     VIX ____rars_lint
>        Part of Lisaghein
>   VIIX Laragh
>  VIIIX Ballymenagh    Feb 12 1796
>    XIX Ballydollaghan
>     XX Carr				Linde Carhill or Cah? Cah is in Errigal
>    XXI Killeyvally Ý  Feb 16 1796
>   XXII Karrireagh			Linde Carrowreagh Desertoghil
>  XXIII Ballyagan
>   XXIV Keurn          Feb 17 1796	Linde Kurin Desertoghil
>    XXV Gorticlogan			Linde Gorticloghan Desertoghil
>   XXVI Ballynameen
>  XXVII Urcheran			Linde Tirkeeran ?? Desertoghil
> XXVIII Machermore			Linde Magheramore  Desertoghil
>   XXIX _bol__an			Linde Boleran?  Errigal
>    XXX Liscall Feb 24 1796
>   XXXI Gortnamaigh			Linde Gortnamoyagh Errigal
>  XXXII (Ballytemple)			Linde Ballintemple Errigal
> XXXIII Farainlimmel			Linde Farrantemple Glebe Errigal
>  XXXIV Fam amore Feb 29 1796
>   XXXV Ballury (I cannot read this RJT) Linde There is a Bellury or
>Ballury in Desertoghil, but the other tds around this point in the list
>are in Errigal
>        Glenkeen			Linde there is a Glenkeen in
>Aghadowey and one in Errigal; the Aghadowey one is a bit far away
>  XXXVI Beleagh			Linde perhaps Belraugh errigal
>        Carragh glass
> XXXVII Craighlore			Linde Craigavole? Desertoghil
>XXXVIII Inshaleen March 2 1796
>  XXXIX Killey_ergam			Linde Killykergan  Aghadowey
>     XL Mett--n		Linde Mettican  Errigal
>    XLI Carr			Linde Cah Errigal?
>        Lisboy
>   XLII (Money carey)		Linde Moneycarry Aghadowey
>  XLIII (Faded out)
>   XLIV Drummeen
>    XLV Killey_______		Linde Cullyrammer Aghadowey??
>   XLVI _____gh		Linde Drumsaragh?? Claragh? near Kilrea
>X  LVII Mullan

Richard, this is the best I can do; if you want I'll have a look at the
xerox. I suppose faxing it would not do any good?